The Dream State

by Captive Son

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released July 5, 2014

Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Eric Taft at Buzzlounge Recording Studio.



all rights reserved


Captive Son Maryland


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Track Name: Vacant
And I breathed her in like the rolling smoke.
I came to my senses and felt the air so cold.
And what have I done to the hollow ground?
And what has the world done to you now?

I lay awake just to feel something again.
I lay awake just to feel nothing again.

And I watched the flowers all run dry.
And I watched them turn to black and white.
And it's like the wind says, we will lose it all.
So carry on like you never loved at all.

So watch my bones go from young to gray, and you'll return like you never saw a thing.
Cause I hear her calling me.
What do I have to do, just to hear you speak?

Go on home, never listen to a word I say.
I will carry your bones, just gravitate to the sounds they make.

Stop the clock this one time, don't promise me a thing, cause there's too much absence in your apathy for me to just leave.
Track Name: In a Burning House
I was close. I was close to the exit.
Creeping my way down the hallway.
And you were always, you were always asleep.
Counting my steps towards the door, and how I should have let you sleep.

But how the silence killed me.

Cause in my dreams, you only had bad news for me.
And I'm seemingly reactant to this faze.
Where everything could fall apart just right, my mind slips to the thought of us, suspended in time.

And I need, I need to be told to calm down.
Cause I'm afraid, of what my dreams have been telling me.

Cause it always seems like you're out to get me.
Track Name: Speak In a Whisper
Keep saying your apologies that had nothing to do with me.
Keep letting your apathy surround me.

And I don't know who you are anymore.
I keep thinking that over and over.
So many ways I could have looked back, so many times I wished I stepped back and told myself...

You only spoke in a whisper, that seemed so loud in my ear.
Won't you please keep talking?
And we'll make believe that this is all as real as it seems.

And I guess this won't last for long, but nothing does.
A distinction between me and my only cause.

And won't you keep in mind?
We're only limited to the restraint of our time.
So speak but don't cry.
Track Name: The Dream State (ft. Sam Freeman of Years End)
I see it your eyes.
You never meant this honestly.
When you said you wouldn't let this all burn down.
And I still pass your frame every day.

Cause what did you have planned?
Cause I was told, leaving wasn't apart of that.

Cause you saw the grandeur
You saw the luxury of death.
And I've been scratching my head
At how Mundane this must all have been.

And I still drive by your house all the time.
And I can hear an echo.
The laughter that I always loved to hear.
But how could I replace you?
When I still see you in my dreams and my nightmares.
Everything. That you told me.

And everyone knows, you never had much to say.
But nobody, had a word to say to me.
It's like I was never there at all.
So I guess I don't blame you after all.

Disarrange the time.
Keep me ahead of the dreams we carried.
Act as though we never, act as though we never mattered at all.
What a dream state we carried.